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MPLAB X IDE – Import old MPLAB IDE *.pjt Files

I got a very old Microchip assemler project with PIC16F628. I don’t really know the old version of the MPLAB IDE. And I’m to bad to do the import/export stuff with older MPLAB versions.

Use the current MPLAB X IDE, at this time of writing this it’s v5.05. But how to import an old assembler project from 2002?

It’s more easy you thought. Copy the old *.asm, *.inc and in my case a 16f628.lkr linker file into your new project folder. Than create a new project for the same chip, in my case the 16F628, and import the *.asm, *.inc and for the linker files the *.lkr file.

Build project and it works!.